Partnering With Customers

Our full range of scientific, regulatory, product development and manufacturing services support any project our clients require – from RX to Nutraceutical products. With state-of-the-art facilities and a highly qualified team of experts, we not only customize formulations but make sure our clients receive a countless continuum of services from development to supply.

Designing projects with the utmost expertise every step of the way!

Turn-Key Services: Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical Services in BFS

Unipharma’s facility is equipped with a $2.5 million dollar Research and Development Laboratory focused on developing liquid and semi-solid Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products in BFS and traditional forms. We guarantee your product’s successful development while fully complying with all the regulatory agencies.

We can also assist our clients in developing prototypes based on their specifications. All you need are your requirements, and we will develop prototypes that satisfy your need and vision. We can provide any ingredient your product requires and will maintain enough raw materials to supply anticipated orders.

Our packaging services utilize the highest quality materials available to preserve the integrity of our clients’ products and withstand any transit and extreme storage conditions.

We strive to deliver a product so that our clients can focus on sales!

Lastly, our Export and Regulatory Departments specialize in preparing all the documentation needed, as well as providing guidance for complying with the laws of your product’s destination country and regulations. We understand that supplying globally also means staying up-to-date with the latest documentation required for export certificates, certificates of free sale, supporting research literature, and anything else needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Formulation Development Pilot Batches (Commercial and Non-Commercial)
  • Dosage Form Development for Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging
  • Content Uniformity Evaluation
  • Clinical Research Project Design
  • Intellectual Property Support
  • Accelerated, Intermediate and Long-Term Stability Studies
  • Process Validations
  • NDA & ANDA Submission Filing

Unipharma's Services Areas

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Research And Development

At Unipharma, scientific research is a major component of who we are. Our research and development team is focused on developing Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products.

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At Unipharma our team of experts helps you design and formulate your products with scientific knowledge from over 30 years of expetience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

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Private Label

Unipharma manufactures private label Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products for clients all around the world right from our South Florida facility. Our Teams have over 30 years of experience.

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We understand that all countries are unique in their requirements and their regulations. Our Export and Regulatory Departaments prepare all the necessary technical documentation.

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