Blow – Fill – Seal

Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology refers to a manufacturing technique used to produce small, and large volume liquid and semi solid-filled containers. BFS is widely considered to be the superior form of aseptic processing by various medicine regulatory agencies including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the packaging of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The basic concept of BFS is that a container is formed, filled and sealed in a continuous process without human intervention, in a sterile enclosed area inside a machine. Thus this technology can be used to aseptically manufacture any liquid dosage form.

The Future in Oral Solutions!

It is Unipharma’s belief that BFS individual doses for oral solutions are the future in the healthcare industry. Every year thousands of people die from prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications due to incorrect dosing. These deaths have made companies search for packaging innovations that guarantee a product’s integrity and more importantly provide protection to consumers from administering incorrect doses.

Unipharma offers a complete range of BFS packages available for Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products:

  • Small doses: 0.25 mL – 5 mL (Sterile eye drops, Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products)
  • Medium doses: 5 mL – 30 mL (Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products)
  • Large doses: 30 mL – 120 mL (Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products)
  • Vaginal Applicators: 1 G – 5 G (Rx and OTC products)

We also offer customers an option to fully personalize and design their product and bottle which gives the product’s package further exclusivity from their competition and guarantees ZERO COUNTERFEITING.

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  • High Production Output
  • Low Costs
  • Less Storage for Raw Materials and Packaging
  • Eliminates Human Error
  • Easy Handling
  • Reduction in Transportation Costs
  • Child Safety Feature
  • Product Integrity
  • Accurate Dosing
  • Consumer Safety
  • Economic

Unipharma's Patented Child Resistant Feature For Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging

Our innovate, patented and propietary Child Resistant Packaging feature heads the current trend of reducing overdose risks by not only guaranteeing exact and premeasured doses but restricting unauthorized users acces to potentially toxic and hazardous substances commonly found in most Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products. (Food and Drug Administration).