About Us

Unipharma was established in Tamarac, Florida as the world’s only purpose-built Blow-Fill-Seal and traditional filling manufacturing facility capable of offering the highest quality of liquid and semi-solid Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical formulations.

Our state-of-art 160,000 square feet manufacturing facility is fully equipped to provide our clients with every step of the product development and manufacturing process.

It is our duty to protect consumers with our patented delivery systems, and our mission is to become a world leader in Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical liquid semi solid manufacturing.

Company Brochure. This brochure presents our company. English version (PDF)

Our Services Include:

  • Research and Development
  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Packaging Component Sourcing
  • Artwork Design
  • Label and Carton Printing
  • Regulatory Review and Approval on all formulations and artwork
  • Finished and Semi-Finished Product Manufacturing
  • Standard or Custom Packaging
  • Product-Testing
  • Process Validations
  • Dossier Creation

Our Core Values

At Unipharma, we have cultivated a lifestyle with values that have been transmitted over generations, and today are followed by all of our employees. Our values were created from the principles of teamwork, integrity, trust, responsibility and excellence.

Our company’s foundation is based on the following Core Values:

  • Manufacture the highest-quality Rx, OTC and Nutraceutical products according to the industry’s most exacting and principles.
  • Economical Child Resistant Packaging.
  • Protect the public by guaranteeing exact dosages to end users worldwide with our Single Dose Packaging units.
  • Satisfy our costumers’ needs and in return our customers satisfy their own customers’ needs.
  • Create a work environment where management and employees within the organization are under a constant obligation to obey the rules and ethics codes that provide honesty and transparency.
  • Maintain our commitment to excellence and compliance.
  • Be responsible citizens of the communities in which we work, with a focus on Single Dose Packaging units.